[section_toggle name=”Q.  What does CVAC stand for?”]

A.  CVAC stands for Cyclic Variations in Adaptive Conditioning™.


[section_toggle name=”Q. What is the CVAC process?”]

A. CVAC is a process that applies precisely composed rhythm based changes to pressure, temperature and density of air. Your body is exposed to an ever-changing environment forcing you to adapt and improve through a phenomenon known as the Natural Adaptation Response.


[section_toggle name=”Q. What should I expect during a first time visit to Ascent?”]

A. During your initial visit, we will introduce and educate you about the experience and sensations you should expect during your first CVAC session. The journey begins with a detailed presentation on the process itself and various ear clearing methods to become familiar with for your safety and comfort. The first of (5), five minute Introductory Tier 1 Sessions begins shortly there after. The purpose of these short, progressive sessions are to increase the flexibility of your Eustachian tubes. With guidance and communication along the way you will then continue your journey through the gradually increasing sessions until all (5) are finished. Upon completion, you will answer a short questionnaire that profiles you into one of twelve personalized categories. These twelve specific profiles measure ones abilities to cope and react to certain stressors. Once classified, you may then begin your customized, rhythmically programed CVAC journey.

Future visits based on our recommended protocol entail (2) twenty-minute sessions, three times a week. Or (3) twenty minute sessions, twice per week.

Please note the following:

• Wear comfortable clothes.
• We will keep you hydrated with water.
• Eat before taking CVAC sessions if you are prone to low blood sugar.
• Avoid food that causes congestion or mucus (Such as dairy products).
• Please wear shoes. Bare feet are not allowed in the CVAC pod.
• Do not enter the CVAC pod with a liquid filled pen.


[section_toggle name=”Q.  What are the primary differences between the CVAC Pod and a Hyperbaric Chamber?”]

A. The primary difference between the CVAC Pod and a Hyperbaric Chamber lies within the use of low and high pressure. Hyperbaric chambers provide high-pressure environments to flood the body with oxygen. In theory by flooding the body with oxygen, one finds that the body may become somewhat reliant on this process, forcing it to become lazy and increase the inability to properly utilize oxygen in all of its mechanisms. On the other hand, the CVAC Pod utilizes a low-pressure (vacuum) environment to rhythmically and dynamically vary the density of air, stimulating the body’s natural adaptation response.
Using composed proprietary patterned sequences; pressure is increased and decreased. These changes in pressure set up waves of tension and relaxation that act in concert with the pulsatile nature of breathing, muscle contraction and blood flow that occur during exercise. By momentarily depleting the body of oxygen, the body begins to adapt and become conditioned to utilize the oxygen more efficiently; hence our mechanisms and all their moving parts start to improve. Not only is CVAC taking pressure away and then reintroducing it into the atmosphere but it is also changing the temperature and the density of air. This all works synergistically to create what we understand to be the CVAC process.


[section_toggle name=”Q. How can I find out more regarding CVAC and whether it is right for me?”]

A. We at Ascent believe that every living being benefits from the CVAC process. Due to it’s physiological similarities of a passive form of physical conditioning, most of the perceived benefits associated with an increased physical fitness tend to carry over to the CVAC process.
More information and scheduling an appointment can be made by contacting our knowledgeable staff by phone at 949 474-4404 or emailing us at info@ascent-oc.com. Please also visit the “Contact Us” page and sign up for our informative newsletter.